Physio-Control (formerly Medtronic, Inc.) offers the rugged, robust LIFEPAK® 1000 for professional responders.


The advanced features that lend themselves to improved outcomes are detailed below.  The large display screen on the AED provides all the pertinent patient information including ECG readings and battery gauge.


What's included:

  • LIFEPAK® 1000 AED with 5-year Warranty
  • Two Sets of QUICK-COMBO REDI-PAK Electrode Pads
  • Long-Life AED Battery
  • Semi-Rigid Carry Case with Adjustable Strap
  • 2 Rescuer AED/CPR Responder® Pack
  • "AED Equipped" Window/Wall Decal
  • AED Inspection Tag
  • Physician's Prescription


The LIFEPAK 1000 incorporates cprMAX™ technology, allowing the trained responder to choose CPR settings for each individual patient, and using the best CPR protocol requirements.  Prior to the shock, the CPR interval can be adjusted, making this LIFEPAK AED the only device that can minimize pre-shock pauses and allow responders to continue compressions while the AED charges.


Defibrillator Power Options give you a choice in deciding which battery is right for you.  The LIFEPAK 1000 with battery installed has the highest rating available (IP55).


The Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery works best when the AED is used frequently, implementing the 3-lead ECG Monitoring feature.


The Lithium Manganese Dioxide Non-Rechargeable Battery is better utilized in the LIFEPAK 1000 with infrequent use or for public access.


CODE-STAT 9.0 Review Software can be view and analyzed, and used in targeting team performance for training purposes.


ADAPTIV® biphasic technology allows the LIFEPAK 1000 to employ the right amount of energy, from 150J up to the maximum 360 joules on difficult to defibrillator patients.  The Responder has the option to escalate energy if initial shocks do not work.  A joule (J) is a unit of energy used as the measurement of shock strength porvided by an AED.


The hand-off from BLS (Basic Life Support) to ALS (Advanced Life Support) is a complex skill that trained responders repeat during the course of their rescue calls.  The LIFEPAK 1000 provides an efficent and very compatible transition to Advanced Life Support Care.  The shock counter on the device gives the team receiving the patient in the hand off important information for the next steps of care.


Product Description and Characteristics:

  • 3.4" X 9.2" X 10.9"
  • Weight 7.1 lbs


All AEDs require regular maintenance and management to ensure that the AED will perform during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  The electrodes and batteries must be tracked for expiration dates and replacement.  Your organization should have one person in charge of this very important task and be able to access records demonstrating maintenance and oversight.  With our my AED AED Management Program you can rest assured that your AED will be rescue-ready at all times.

Lifepak 1000